Thursday, December 23, 2010

When Hubby Get Sick~

Last week I went to Labuan for 3D2N (15th - 17th Dec). Bukan gi jalan-jalan makan angin ye...K.E.R.J.A...

In the mean time, en. hubby warded since 14th Dec. 3 hari meninggalkan en. hubby kebosanan kat wad. But Alhamdulillah, our lovely families are always there whenever needed. Eventhough aku jauh nun kat Labuan, Ma, Ayoh and Mama selalu datang menjenguk hubby.

At first, hubby was suspected of having dengue. Later on, after x-rays and ct scan, doctor said that it's tuberculosis (tibi). So, hubby kene masuk isolation room.

Friday. Balik je dari Labuan, aku straightaway pergi hospital to see hubby. Pity him. He had to wear mask. That night, I sleep at hospital, accompany him.

Saturday. Hubby dah boring duduk wad sebab limited astro channel, die tak dapat tengok bola. Huhu..Dia mintak balik. Since tak yah masuk air dah, just medication je, doktor bagi own-risk leave, bukan discharge. Early in the morning die kene pergi hospital balik, duduk wad macam biasa.

Monday. Nak settlekan bills and discharge procedure. We came as early as 8.00 a.m, almost 10.30 p.m baru settle. Lamenye tunggu insurance company nak process invoice and payment. Almost one whole boring day stuck at hospital. Bills almost 10k..huhu..Mujur insurance company cover. Kalau tak jenuh la nak mengorek duit.

Hubby still on medication. Kene disiplin ni..I have to make sure that hubby do consume the medicines without fail. Jadi nurse tak bertauliah ni...hehe..For now, hubby masih lagi MC.

Praying for his speedy recovery. Aminnn....

Me, on the other hand, is anxious waiting for this weekend. What am I waiting for ?????Dududu~ Just wait and see....

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