Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy Me

Does pregnancy is the main cause of people being lazy & laid back?? Often I heard preggy said that they have become lazy since pregnant..Hmm..

To me ----------> that theory cannot be applied. I am born to be lazy & laid back..Muahaha~ Pity my hubby. Initially I am already a laid back person. But of course, being preggy has doubled up my laziness. Agagaga...I think, that's the reason why I am married to a hardworking and helpful hubby since we will actually be paired with someone whom is opposite of us. Gosshhh...Lucky me..If I were married to a man that is as lazy ass as me, sure my house will look like a wrecked ship or a barn. Hehe~

Frankly speaking, hubby have done such a favour in assisting me with the household chores..Assisting?? He did all the job by himself most of the time..Assisting isn't an appropriate word I guess..Haha.. Hmmm..I can see the resemblance of my Ayah's helpful attitude in him..Owhh Mama, I am not trying to make a statement that you are lazy like me..hehe..It's just that Ayah is extra over rajen in helping you..

A few days back, I did some corn castard pudding with castard cocktail sauce. And also, I cleaned up the fridge by throwing those unnecessary yucky things..Wahhh..Suddenly become rajen despite of my well known laziness.. Guess what my hubby says???
"Are you celebrating my birthday?" 
Owh my dear hubby, your birthday is a couple of weeks ago. I know that it is a joke and I realize that I haven't done or cook anything special for your birthday. I just bought a couple of slice SR cake which is enough for the two of us only a day after your birthday. I am such a lazy ass wifey. Sorry for that..But, can I be like this forever?????? Muahahaha~

I have tonnes of things to catch up with right now, but still, the ordinary me is being so laid back. Gosshh...How to get rid of this LAy-ZzzZZZ-ness??


  1. thank sista mngaku yg die mmg malassssss.....bkn sy yg kate...die yg kate sendri.... kuhihihihi....

    senang je kalu nk kurangkn ckit malas tue....try kurangkn ckit dlu...kuihihi
    kalu nk rajen masak, cuba sematkn kn dlm ati yg mskkan tu tuk suami...tuk jg perut die yg lapar...sian kt die kalu lapar...
    br ko rajen + cpt2 msk.... in case la kalu ko ade hal2 lbh pentng, lain la...

    tu sbb ktorng cpt je dinner....
    huhuhuu...bkn nk sbg panduan...

    selamat mencuba....


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