Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Entering 32nd Week

Alhamdulillah. Done with exams, assignments & presentation which have been quite excruciating for me in these recent weeks. Pity my little baby for having to share the tense and pressure that mommy had to go through. But, praise to Allah, it's over for this time being. =P. One more semester to go.

I'm entering my 32nd week of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, I have gained weight accordingly in these few weeks. Not too much and not too little. Just nice. To date, total weight gain is 5kg, after loses 5kg during early pregnancy. Hip hip horey...Nothing much to worry about since baby is in good condition. Active as usual especially when I'm sitting for exam. Little baby is too excited to sit for exam or is it some means of way to tell the mommy "All the best mommy. Don't worry, just have fun like me". Huhu~ Owh, based on recent check-up, baby have turned head down into cephalic condition raedy for birth.. =P

As of 32nd week:-
  • Belly have growing bigger that I couldn't see my feet anymore when I'm standing. It is getting difficult to cut my feet nails also. My belly button is pointing out. Uhuh~
  • A few red lines have emerged. Hiyaaaah...Creams & lotions still couldn't prevent that red thing from emerging..dang~
  • Cramplike feeling on lower part of belly. It's getting intense as I move around, trying to get up or lifting my feet. So, I need to move and walk slowly to reduce the pain. I started to walk like penguin to counter the pain. For those who walk behind me, please bear with me as I could not walk at fast pace. "Awas! Had Muatan Berlebihan".
  • Have started feeling mild contraction a.k.a braxton hicks. Hmm.. I guess so. I couldn't actually imagine of how contraction would be. So, I have hard time to distinguish the feeling.
  • Backache mostly on lower part and also hip pain.
  • Feeling tired, exhausted and breathless. Most of the time, I feel like I just want to lay back and have a rest as though I just came back from a marathon.
  • Still encounter nausea & vomitting. But not as frequent as early pregnancy.
  • Wakes up call in the middle of the night. It's wee time. Huhu~
Yeah..All those things listed above is the joy of pregnancy. ♥♥♥


  1. ily,best kn moment preggy. enjoy it b4 deliver,hehe..aku soakan ko slmt bersalin n mummy n baby sehat,i'allah. **psstt..mmg dh xleh nk cut feet nails,so ade org tu kene tlg mummy la kan..

  2. tho sometimes meleleh gak bile baby gerak2, rase mcm heaven je...tak sabar pulak nk tunggu die kua..btul3...mujur ade helper..klu tak, sampai ke sudah la kuku tu panjang..ngeee~ anyway, thanx for the doa..


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