Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pregnancy Update

About antenatal class...

Me and hubby have attended antenatal class. Give a big kind of applause to us..hehe~ Previously, been giving some thought of whether it is necessary to attend the class or not. Hubby did asked me why he have to be dragged along. But on second thought, there's nothing to lose by attending the class and hubby also need to learn about pregnancy, labour etc . I've searched for a few hospitals that offer antenatal class. The nearest one is Hospital Ampang & Hospital Pantai Ampang. Both are free admission. But when I check the date, I can only opt for Hospital Ampang. It was held at Ward 4C which is indeed the postnatal ward. There are no freebies or samples as what private hospitals would offer. But, the most important thing to me is actually the knowledge that I can gather. Alhamdulillah, I found the class to be so informative. After the class, there is a tour where we were brought to the antenatal ward, postnatal ward and also labour room. It is good for me since I have planned to deliver there. I can at least have the feel of the surrounding and the whereabouts. 

About antenatal check-up..

Alhamdulillah, baby is doing great inside. Being so merrily active as usual. Mommy's condition is also fine. Total weight gained up till today is 5.5kg only. Macam tak pregnant je aku ni..huhu..Tang perut je naik membukit..But as long as baby grows healthily inside, alhamdulillah. Nothing to worry. Still, I have to repeat MGTT next Friday due to Mom's medical history. Yuckss...

About mommy-to-be...

Been much more lazy towards the end of this term. I felt like sitting at home, watching the ever bulging tummy of mine, talking to the little munckin inside, waiting for the delivery call...hahaha...

Been having the Braxton Hicks contraction much more frequent now.

Been having difficulties to find the best sleeping position. Hence, it is difficult to sleep. Keep on terjaga in the middle of the night to adjust position and also to pee. Which is a few times a night. And sometimes terjaga due to tightening of belly yang sometimes a bit intense. Ouchh..

Have done with baby's laundry and have packed baby's stuff to bring to hospital. Mommy's stuff still not done yet..phewww..Need some leisure time to sit back and do some packing, not only for those to bring to hospital, but also those that need to be parked at Mama's house since I'll be going through confinement at my parent's house.

Felt sore pain on my left hip last weekend. It is merely difficult for me to get up or lift my left leg. I need to be assisted when I try to stand up. As I climb over the stairs, I have to climb step by step slowly, as if dragging my left leg as I can't lift it up high. As I were trying to get onto bed, the pain seems unbearable that I sat at the edge of bed, sighing. Then hubby had to help me so that I can lift up my left leg slowly. Turning position is also difficult for me. So, I cried in pain. Pangggg (cubaan lempang diri sendiri)~ Baru sakit kaki sket, belum sakit nak bersalin lagi...Since that, aku jalan macam si capik. Huhu...The pain comes and goes as it like. Please be a strong gutsy mommy.

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  1. ili, best ke class @ hosp. ampang tuh? tgh cari2 gak nak pi class katne nih...banyak benda nak tanye ko tp x tau bile bleh kaco ko...dah dkt ni li...aku plak cuak...hehehe...


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