Monday, January 9, 2012

My "Red Polka Dot" Baby Boy

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Faheem started having fever on Wednesday night. It was slight fever. Thursday, the temperature increases. Mama told me to bring him to clinic since is G6PD deficient, worried if anything went wrong.

After maghrib prayer, hubby and me brought Faheem to clinic. His temperature was 38.8 degree. But he is still active, though not so active as when he is in pink of health. The moment we bring him to clinic, his temperature is actually lower than the evening. Later that night, the temperature seems to increase. He keep on crying all night long. Pity him. Even I couldn't bear high fever. Huhu..

I decided to take leave on Friday to look after him. Of course baby will need his mother more when he is not feeling well. He refuses to be bottle-fed. He just consume some of it and started to cry. He also refuses to eat, which is unusual of him. I keep on monitoring his temperature. It fluctuates from 38.8 - 38.1 - 39.5. I feel like crying my eyes swollen everytime he cries. That night, again, we went to see doctor. This time we directly went to Hospital Ampang. Body temperature is 39. Hubby un-cloth Faheem, then he keeps on wiping Faheem's body with the wet wipes to help reduce the heat. The doctor said that it was just a normal fever. Ok then.

Saturday night..The emergence of the red spots on his body and head. Small pox. The heat has somehow reduces. But the poxes have started to appear everywhere.

..Demam campak at 6 months old..
See the red spots...Its everywhere..huhu~

 Owh..New hair style..

 Demam demam pun nak main je..

See the reddish neck and chest..comotnye Faheem..
Baru la nampak gigi 2 ketol..Susah sangat nak capture gigi die..
 The cunning boy

 Macam tak demam je..

Get well soon my dear. Ummi tahu Faheem is a strong gutsy boy..


  1. alolo..shiannye faheem auntie niiiii... cepat2 sehat ye.. nanti ummi bwk g jalan...

  2. alllaaa...kecik2 dh kena eh..x per nnti dah besar x kena lagi..:)

  3. nas: alhamdulillah da, byk plan nk bwk faheem jln2 ni..hehe..

    elin: tula...kesian sgt tgk die..hopefully tak kena dah la pasni...huhu~


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