Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Breastmilk Storage Bottle/Bag

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

These are storage bottles/bag that I have been using so far. I will review based on suitability with Medela Swing and Medela PISA since I am using those two breastpumps.

Medela Storage Bottle
Of course when you buy a whole set of PISA or FS, it comes with 4 storage bottle. If you buy the bottle separately, 3 pcs of 5 oz bottle is RM69. But I got that pack of 3 bottles for free plus one complimentary bottle for purchasing Swing. Yay..Surely it fits well with those two breastpumps. Huhu~ RM 23 per bottle? phewww...

 Bumble Bee
It fits well with those two breastpumps. But I found out that the measurement does not tally with Medela's bottle. Normal price RM 38.90 for pack of 8 bottles + 2. Makes it RM 3.80 per bottle.

Autumnz Double Ziplock Storage Bags
Of course, it doesn't fit with any breastpump at all. Hehe~It is just for storage purpose. I had never bought this bag actually. But I got 5 x 12 oz bags for free when purchasing the Autumnz storage bottle. You couldn't rely on the measurement. Measure your milk in a bottle first, then only pour inside the bag. I don't like using bag because it is disposable and sometimes the instability of the bag may cause spill over of milk while pouring the milk into it. Normal price for 25 bags of 12 oz RM 12.90. Yeah, it is considered cheap. But when you dispose it, then buy some more for the next storage, it is not cheap anymore.
Could not fit my PISA at all and a bit loose for Swing. Need extra care while pumping so that milk doesn't spill out. Normal price is RM 38.90 for pack of 8 bottles with free gifts (I got 5 x 12 oz double ziplock storage bags). Price per bottle will be around RM 4.54.

Little Caliph Heaven - Forever Love
It fits well with Swing but a bit loose for PISA. The measurement is actually embossed. So, no worries about measurement prints getting faded. RM 98 for 30 bottles which makes it around RM 3.27 per bottles. The cheapest among all that I've found so far.

All of them are BPA Free for sure


  1. hai ily::
    slalu baca tp xdrop komen pun..hehehe...aku pun suka pakai bumble bee selain botol medela tu..skang ni suka jugak pakai jingle jungle..autumnz ngan lil caliph tu xfit langsung ngan fs..lau ngan swing leh tahan lg lau terkena sepakan padu naufal, mau terpelanting jugak tu..hehhe

  2. Nia..kalo jingle jungle bottles tu fit tak ngn medela FS?

  3. thanks for this review. :) sgt membantu


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