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Jogja Vacay: Background & Day 1 (29th Sept 2012)

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

This vacation has been planned about a year ago, of course trying to grab the Air Asia promotion of low flight fare. It was a very last minute trial. At that moment, I did not conceive yet and have no idea that I will conceive so fast. Huhu~

So, the planned vacay involves the three of us (my little family), Ma & Ayoh (my parents in law) and Firdaus (hubby’s youngest brother). It is a 5D4N vacay and total flight cost if I’m not mistaken around RM1200 for return flight tickets.

Why Jogja?
One of the reason is to visit PIL ex-tennant whom have gone back to Jogja, Ari and Ika. Dulu family Ari & Ika sewa one of PIL’s houses. Masa tu Ari buat PhD kat UM while Ika buat Masters kat UIA. Now they all dah back to Jogja about 1 year plus. So, saje lah nak menziarah, mengeratkan silaturrahim sambil jalan-jalan.

Day 1:
Our flight is scheduled to depart at 7.00 a.m. in the morning.
Guess what……We missed our flight due to some error and difficulties.
Well, no harm. Cheer up. Curve a smile.
Ma is being super positive, I have to get some of her positive aura. All she said that “Ini semua ujian Allah. Jangan mengeluh.” She’s trying to keep everyone cool and calm down.
Tapi kesian kat Ma and Ayoh terpaksa rush here and there.
Since we missed our flight and flight to Jogja is only once a day….What to do?
We head for breakfast at McD. Filling our empty growling stomach.

Hotel rooms dah booked earlier by Ari. Our initial plan is, as we arrived there, Ari will fetch us at airport and straightaway to his house as his mother will prepare some food for us. Then only check-in hotel. Bila dah missed flight, we gave Ari a call informing our unfortunate event. Ari suggested that we take a flight to Semarang and he will arrange transport from Semarang to Jogja.

The cheerful & playful little Faheem

There is a flight to Semarang and seats are available to accommodate us. So, we bought flight tickets to Semarang that costs us a total of around RM2k+ Phewwww..The money just flew away like that. 

Us in the flight

My big baby boy

The flight departs at 3.15 p.m. We reached Semarang around 5.30 p.m. Ari’s mother fetch us at Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang. From Semarang to Jogja took almost 3 hours. Due to the tiring day of rushing, missed our flight, waiting for another flight and a never ending ride from Semarang to Jogja, Faheem starts to be cranky. Pity him. Mesti letih sangat and rimas.

Bandara Internasional Ahmad Yani Semarang

We head straight away to Agung Mas Hotel that have been booked by Ari earlier. Ari waited for us there. He bought us nasi bungkus for dinner knowing that we had such a tiring journey. Checked-in and it’s time to doze off.

Actually Ari have planned some activities for us if we manage to catch our first flight. But things just didn’t turn out well. Allah have better plans for us. If not, I would never know the place name Semarang ever existed. Hehe~  Plus, nice aerial view as we approach Semarang upon arrival.

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  1. Jogja best..I pegi masa babymoon in 2010...n we missed the flight also masa balik..silap tgk time..n stranded for 2 nights...n borobudur, kraton, taman sari is best place to visit...history die sgt best!


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