Wednesday, July 28, 2010

beras nasi vs beras pulut

Saturday...24th July 2010

It was somewhat around noon. Me and hubby were at Gombak. On our way there, we have bought the yummylicious ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak that I favour so much.

Ma was not at home. My sister in law (SIL) was about to go to class. She was waiting for her husband to send her. Hubby asked me to cook some rice so that SIL can eat before going to class...

I went to kitchen. There's some rice left in the rice cooker. But it wasn't enough. I headed straight to where Ma put the beras (dengan muke skema yakin..). The tong is empty..Hmmm...There's a sack of beras next to the tong..But the beras seems weird to me. It wasn't like ordinary beras that I used to cook...

[thinking mode: Nape beras ni macam lain je..betul ke ni? Nape Ma tak isi je terus beras ni dalam tong?? Hmmm...cek plastik jap...biase je...Betul ah kot...Hmmm...Hentam je la...]

What an extra super hardworking and helpful person I am...I pour the beras into the emptied tong..And dengan senang hati, I cook the so-called rice...

A few moments later, Ma came back from pasar borong with handfull of groceries..And also two sacks of beras..Something came into my mind....

Me : Ma, beras yang dalam plastik kat dalam rak tu beras ape?
Ma : Yang tu beras pulut.
Me : Ya Allah...dah selamat masak dah. Ingat beras nasi..Tapi dah rase macam lain dah tadi..Tapi masak je jugak..

LOL at me ok...I cannot distinguish between beras nasi and beras pulut..Huhu...Pathetic me..What a loser I am...Then, shall I eat pulut with ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak???

By the way, I cannot eat the ikan patin since I am still in my tempoh berpantang.. and I also cannot eat the pulut.. Huhu...

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