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18th July 2010

I was admitted to ward on 9.30 a.m. Ward 6A, bed number 20. As usual, I was accompanied by my beloved hubby.

I was given a pair of light pink cloth with darker pink sarung. The cloth was un-ironed and it is sort of too big for me. Huhu...And the sarung is also extra super duper large..

Later, a lady doctor comes to take my blood sample. It wasn’t painful, just like being pinch. Huhu...But the leftover needle makes me difficult to move my hand and to lift heavy things.

When the visiting time is up, hubby had to leave me there..Luckily I bring a story book borrowed from my friend. I finished up reading the book in one whole boring day.

Sometimes, I look out the window. But it just irritates the hell out of me to see McDonalds standing still opposite the hospital while I couldn’t have a bite of it..Haha...

The night at the hospital was even more dull and bored. It was damn cold in there. I had to cover myself with 2 layers of blanket, but still, the coldness win. I went off to sleep as early as 9 p.m I guess since there was nothing much to do. The nurse wakes me up for some medicine and to remind me that I need to start fasting on the midnight.

Early in the morning, right after my Subuh prayer, a nurse and a male doctor have waited for me to insert the dilator. The doctor seems unsure on how to do it. He asked a few question to the nurse. Their conversation was just making me feel uncomfortable and unease. I heard the doctor said that he had never performed this before. Euh...He’s saying it out loud in front me, the patient. But the nurse is guiding him well. Oh...may I repeat that it is a MALE doctor. That was another reason of me being uncomfortable. The dilator is to be inserted into the cervix. As the doctor pushing the dilator in, he asked the nurse how deep shall it be inserted..Ohhhow..He’s making my stomach grumbling. Fortunately it went well. Fuhhhh...

The nurse told me to lay down until they call for the procedure. Another nurse came a few moments later. I was given the IVD.

My heart started pounding. My mind is everywhere. I’ve read and also being told about the procedure. It was nothing. I wouldn’t feel a single pain. But still, I’m trembling. I’m trying to reach out for my hubby. He’s on his way. But I couldn’t wait. I want him to be by my side.

After about 2 hours being dilated, a nurse came and asks me to change into a white cloth ONLY. There should be nothing else beside the given white cloth. Plus a cap that is sort-of-like-shower-cap. Hubby still hasn’t arrived. I texted him a few times telling him that I’m about to go to the Operating Theatre. Seriously, I am damn afraid. The moment the nurse pushing my bed, I saw hubby. I felt so relieved. He made it just in time. Love you, hubby.

The OT is at level 3. Hubby waited outside the OT. The OT is million times colder than the ward. Ouch..I’m freezing. The doctor that is going to perform the procedure is again, MALE doctor. Goshhh...I was transferred onto operating bed with 2 huge spotlight hanging above me. I was given anaesthetic injection on my spinal. Ouchhh.. It was quite a pain..A few moments later, my lower body felt heavy and I couldn't feel anything.

I was in a position sort-of-like roasted chicken or ayam golek when you are stuffing all th rempah into the chicken's stomach. Huhu...

I am awake but couldn't feel anything on my lower part. I also couldn't see what the doctors are doing because there are a curtain-like thing that enable me to see how they perform the procedure. Hurrmmm...It is good that way. Otherwise I will screan out loud looking at what tools they using to clean up my cervix.

The procedure lasts for only a few minutes. However, the doctors doesn't allow me to bring home the fetus since they were to send it to lab for HPE test which  I don't know what does it stands for.

Later, I was pushed into a chambersort of like idling chamber. I have to stay there for about 30 minutes to observe my blood pressure. It was like 30 minutes being in the North Pole. So damn freezing cold. I was shivering like hell. I keep asking the nurse how much time left for me to be sent back to the ward. I couldn't stand staying in there.

As the nurse pushed me out from the chamber, the first thing that my eyes looking for is my hubby. I saw him waiting outside the OT with smile on his face. Again, I felt so relieved.

The effect of the aneasthetic injection lasts for about 6 hours. Then only I could move my feet freely. Huhu..Eager to be discharged...

Ooopss..this the lunch served right after the procedure. The food there are quite ok..

I'm going home..I was given 2 weeks MC and had to undergo pantang..

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