Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Am trying to think and be positive... Yes, it is quite stressing, but if I try to look at it from the positive point of view, it might be something opposite. The stress that we encounter now might become the something that we will appreciate later...

It is hell a difficult task to do since there's no sifoo. But I try to gather the whole broken pieces of me, trying to put up more effort to perform the best that I can. It might not be the best or perfect, but at least I have produced something that others haven't even produced yet. Even if there is some mistakes, I should learn from it. That is how people move forward. If we are too perfect for making mistakes, there are less chances for us to improve our ownselves. So, as what the big guy told me earlier, I'll take this as a challenge. I may acquire more time, but I'll do it positively.

As per now, I have completed almost 80% of it. Moving forward for completion... =P

If I don't believe in myself, no one will believe in me either. Then I'll be my worst enemy of all.

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