Monday, August 23, 2010

Iftar 12 Ramadhan 1431: First Trial~

Main menu for iftar last night was ayam percik and siakap tiga rasa. Specially made by me with the handful help of adik. Actually it was hubby's idea. On Saturday noon. we went to Pasar Borong Selayang. He decided to buy siakap for both our parents. Later, he ask me to cook siakap tiga rasa which I haven't done before. With the help of the information technology, any information can be obtained with a singe click.. hehe.. Thus, I asked adik to look for recipe in the internet..Above all, the recipes are the courtesy of my Mum in law plus enhancement through finding from the net.

With all our effort and love, done with the cooking. Alhamdulillah, it turns out well. At the end, all left was only an empty bowl. Huuhu... Triumph of first trial...Will put up some photos for the prove later..haha..

Later that night, after performing solat tarawih at Masjid Ubudiah Kampung Tasek, I met my long lost favourite teacher, Cikgu Melor. She was my class teacher and used to teach me Bahasa Malaysia when I was in Form 2 back in year 1998. Nothing much of a change cause I can still recognize her. Only that she has already retired. She was overwhelmed that I still recognize her. Hehe...I guess, it's a norm that students remember their teacher better than the teachers remember their students.

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