Monday, August 30, 2010

A Spoilt Shopping Mood

It's a Shopping Spree Sunday since yesterday plan was cancelled. Hubby and I went to one of the well-known shopping complex in the midst of KL by train to  avoid traffic jam. My aim, of course to shop for Raya stuffs. A pair of baju kurung + shawl for me, baju melayu + shirt + pants for hubby and something for mySWEETlittleHUT.

Just a few moment in the complex, a saw a familiar face passing by me. It was the person who rent mama's house, owe mama RM 10k, then ran away. He was supposed to send the key to mama's house with RM 5k. But he didn't turn up. Instead, he leave the keys in a plastic bag tied up to the sliding grill.

Hubby and I follow him and waited for the right moment to ambush him. We were at 2nd floor, peeking for him. He seems like waiting for someone. Suddenly he went up to 3rd floor. But we don't want to loose him. We keep on following. Hubby said it's not worth waiting. So, we decided to ambush him. He seems shocked seeing us. Maybe he didn't expect to see us when he is shopping leisurely.

Hubby could not be patient with him. I would not want to elaborate story on what the man had done or how hubby handle him. All hubby ask for is simple, for him to pay, which we know he could not do so, or give us contact number of his family so that we can track him. Otherwise, we would like to bring him to nearby police station to lodge police report. He refuse to. To cut short the story, from the 3rd floor of the complex, we went to the security room, then the security accompany us to the nearby police station. He gives thousand of excuses. But even the police could tell who is in the right position. At last we manage to get a couple of contact numbers and also his office address and also RM 100 for mama's Raya angpau. Hehe. But this story does not end up here. He still have to pay whatever that he owe mama. Hubby and that man make a deal. He have to pay the debt in instalment. RM200 per month starting from the month after Raya. Every 1st day of the month, he have to make the payment, or otherwise, hubby will call his relatives to track for him.

For the first time ever, I saw another side of hubby. Hehe..It is quite scary seeing hubby evolve into a MONSTER..ngeee...My hubby wasn't that evil. That's the only way to deal with such fraud person. He is being very lenient and quite patient though. Other person might have just smack that guy. But hubby can still control himself. I'm proud of you, hubby.. [eventhough I'm quite afraid if he gone out of control..That's why I keep trying to soothe him..Hehe...]

After the telenovela end, we continue our shopping agenda. But we didn't go back into the complex..Malu la kami kang terserempak balik ngan saksi2 kejadian..Hahaha...Both of us bought a pair of baju melayu + baju kurung each. ..Not to forget, curtain for mySWEETlittleHUT. Enough shopping for the day since kaki dah lenguh, pinggang dah sakit hubby pun dah letih gaduh..Hehe..

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