Sunday, August 29, 2010

talib's crew on sail...

Last night, talib's crew gather at the so called (talib + fatimah syam)'s house of memories a.k.a ayah long's house for iftar. Even thoughh not all turns up, but it is still full house since talib's crew is quite a big clan. For the first time ever, we're having gathering for iftar without our loving paktok/daddy and maktok/mummy. The house is still full with laughter and not to be missed, the missing memories of the two most beloved person.

[wuwu..i'm missing them in depth]

The menu for the day is based on potluck..Everyone makes superb delish yummy contribution and it is plentiful of them. Syukur Alhamdulillah di atas rezeki kurniaan Allah...I cannot recall who cook what. So, I'll just list out those sumptuous meal of the night..

main dishes
opor ayam
daging + kentang masak kicap
sambal tempoyak
terung + bendi masak taucu
ikan bakar
sambal kering ikan bilis
siput sedut
satay daging + ayam + perut + hati
bubur lambuk
rendang asam ikan masin
sambal tempe

puding bandung
puding roti marble
buah tembikai
fruit salad

air tebu
air asam boi
air teh o panas
air sirap
air oren

wuhuu...isn't that a hell plenty of food. Yeah, plenty of food to serve a troop of hungry talib's crew..

After the iftar, we perform solat maghrib, isya' and terawih berjemaah. Pak Lang as the Tok Imam while my en-chek hubby ter-chenta as the bilal..

I feels as though my gully is about to burst..ngee...

This morning, while reading Quran, suddenly there's a swept of sadness. I cried in a sudden. I missed paktok and maktok. They have left me/us for good. They have been such a great & loving grandparents during their life, but what have I done for them in return?  How much do'a and Fatihah have I recite for them??? How much Yassin have I read for them? Do'a anak cucu yang soleh/solehah? Cukup solehah ke aku?? Subahanallah... This year, it will be the first time ever to celebrate Raya without both of them..How is it gonna be? We used to hear paktok teasing maktok. So sweet and loving. And after maktok passed away, we used to tease paktok a lot. And laugh out aloud whenever paktok forget something or start to say something funny. Now, they are no longer with us. Really misses them [and tok ayah also]. 

In loving memories of my grandparents : paktok, maktok & tok ayah

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