Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was browsing through webs. No specific search. Since my baby niece is warded due to jaundice, it came across my mind to search for info related to jaundice. Then, I bump into this website, babycenter....I went through the browser and found some interesting videos and photos. Not to forget useful information regarding getting pregnant up to toddlers..

Suddenly, something touches my heart..(I am being a lil' bit out of sense emotional..)..I watched the inside pregnancy videos and also fetal development photos. Wonder what touches my heart???

Hmmm...As I watched the fetal development up to 8th weeks pregnancy, I wonder if that is how my unborn little precious looks like. Why 8th weeks? Because, as I was diagnosed of having missed abortion at 11th weeks, the size of the fetus is only at 8th weeks. Meaning to say that the fetus have stop growing (died) since the 8th weeks..

Being dragged away by emotion for a moment. But I am OK now. Redha..

1. End up, I browse nothing about jaundice..
2. Latest news from Mama, Baby Iris is getting better. She's been undergone phototherapy. The fluorescent light have been reduced from 4 to 1.

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