Thursday, November 25, 2010


My menstruation cycle somehow goes hairwired after the D&C... Hmmm... Hairwired is not the appropriate term to menses haven't come after the D&C..There was some bleeding after the procedure, but I bet it was due to the D&C itself.. After the bleeding stop, nope, I didn't get my period...My D&C was on 19th July 2010...SOoooooo, imagine how long have it take?

I've done a few HPT, but the result is negative...

Am I not worried??? Ohow...I am sick worried..I've searched for a few O&G specialist, and asked them through e-mail. But only got 1 replied..The answer from that specialist is:

Sila buat appointment datang klinik saya. Pintu rahim anda sumbat - Cervical Stenosis,  perlu dirawat.

Oh my? Is it true..I am being a bit paranoid. I went to clinic with hubby. It was ordinary clinic, not the specialist. But the way the doctor explain to me is a bit soothing as compared to the replied e-mail. I am not trying to be sceptical, but of course, I need some better explanation rather than a simple judgement. (Ok, it is specialist. It comes with price. not cheap one..huhu)..

Back to the ordinary clinic's doctor, after being told about my menstruation problem, the doctor asked a few question basically on my background and medical history, why did I undergo D&C, when is my last period etc.. then he explained about what to be expected after D&C. Since during D&C, the uterus has been interrupted by all means the doctors have to, it is somehow being in trauma. The uterus need some duration to develop new cells and fully recover from the trauma. Thus, it may takes some times for the next menstruation. The duration somehow depends on each person. Some may get their period as early as 7 weeks after D&C, some may take even longer time, depending on the hormone and cell redevelopment. He suggested me to take hormones pill, in case I feel unease with the non-yet-coming-period. But for some reason, I opt to not taking the pills.

This pic showing the D&C procedure. Imagine how the curretage disturbing your uterus. huhu..
Pic courtesy of Mr. Google.

As for now, I just have to be positive and enjoy every moment of life. =P

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