Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome To The World Lil' Eva

23rd October 2010

As I was busy revising for my environmental presentation, early in the morning, I received a message from Cik Ema saying that my cuzzy's wife is about to deliver...

Half an hour later, I got another message from Cik Ema---->

Neni have safely delivered a baby girl on 5.30 a.m.

So, here it is
Eva Erin Erianna

Why is she grinning? Owh...So cute lil' eva...Her weight is only 2.7kg

She's staring at her Mak Tok

Sleeping beauty..Look at the cute hat with giant size flower, so nice...It's the courtesy of Mak Lang a.k.a Mak Tok Hani and Aunty Qda..Really sweet..

Sweet pose from little kiddo...Agaga~

Congratulation to my cuzzy (Abg. Ein) and his wife (Neni) for the bundle of joy

Two were out....One more to go...Waiting for me to become a true aunty..hehe..

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