Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butterfly in Womb~

Adekah ia cume perasaan aku atau ia sememangnya ape yang aku fikirkan?? Hmmmm.....

Menurut babycenter :-

One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is feeling the baby move. Most women notice "quickening", as it's called, between 16 and 20 weeks. You may feel these first wiggles as a flutter low down in your tummy. Once you realise it's actually the baby turning somersaults, make a note to tell your doctor at your next visit. Some women feel the baby move later or less often than others so there's no need to worry if you haven't noticed your baby moving yet.

Mengikut the bump pule:-

Baby's now the size of a naval orange! Continuing the march toward normal proportions, baby's legs now out-measure his arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can't feel the movements just yet.

Aku ade baca satu buku pregnancy ni.. The author wrote:-
Baby movement can be detected as early as 16 weeks, for those who have experienced pregnancy before. However, for first time preggy, they usually notice the movement in 18th week.
I am now in my 15th weeks pregnancy, almost 16. Last night, while preparing for sleep, tibe-tibe perut terasa mengeras. Bile pegang kat perut, a bit higher from the fundus, terasa benjolan yang ketara dan agak keras. So, aku just usap-usap perut until die sooth sket. Pastu terasa macam ade bubble or butterfly dalam perut. Selalu kalau lapar sangat pun memang akan rase bubble macam meletup-letup dalam perut. But this time it is the other part of perut kot..So, dalam hati (yeye je dalam hati..padahal dah dok excited cakap kat hubby..hehe) maybe the little one is moving. Agak lama lah jugak..Terus rase teruje.. ^_^
Owh...last weekend went for check-up at KSI, Dr. Zu cakap baby sangat akif. Susah nak capture die sebab die keep on moving. Kejap menggeliat, kejap regangkan tangan, kejap macam melompat ke ape tah..Hehe..Maybe that shall explain ape yang aku rase last night..

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