Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Check-up: Week 26

Yesterday I went for 26th weeks check-up..

Weight gained:
0.5kg only - Since I have entered my 6th months pregnancy, I should have gained 0.5kg per week, not per month...huhu..Lost 5kg during early pregnancy. To date, have only gained back 2.5kg. Half than what have lost previously. Aiyorh ;(((

HB - Urine - BP:

Baby's heartbeat:
OK - Precious little one is super duper hyper merrily active. She/he keep on moving, kicking and what-so-ever action that he/she did inside in which I couldn't imagine, but he/she does not stop moving. While examining me, the nurse laughingly said:

"Ini baru kecik ni dah aktif da dalam perut mak die. Tak berhenti bergerak. Asek menendang je. Berombak-ombak perut mak die. Ni keluar esok, penat nak mengejar ni"
Injected tetanus first dose.
Next check-up scheduled at 25th April 2011 (29w)
MGTT postponed to week 32.

p/s: There is some movement in baby's checklist. \0/ Eventhough the mommy-2-be is not in pink of health for the past 1 week, she is being so determinant to force along the daddy-2-be in searching of baby's stuffs. =PPP. Yet, there are plenty more to buy. InsyaAllah, will try to accomplish the mission. Agagaga...

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