Monday, October 17, 2011

Elsa 1st Birthday Bash: Hello Kitty

18th September 2011

Elsa Zahra is Faheem's second cousin. Sweet little lady. It's her 1st birthday bash held at Umai D'Lake, Precinct 2 Putrajaya with Hello Kitty theme.

Before the event started, we had a walk to the monument, just next to the event venue.

Faheem with Abi

Eh..mane Faheem? Hehe~ menyorok bawah nursing cover..

Bertuahnye la Ummi Faheem. Sibuk posing, tak perasan pun bantal dah atas muka anak..

at Umai..

Iris with her mama & babah

My beloved Faheem

The sweet lovely birthday girl

Faheem in action


  1. wow!candy buffet die cntikss! =)

  2. cntik kan...gmba deco yg lain ily x sempat snap. tp cntik2 je..siap ade bubble station lg..hehe~


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