Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Happened 4 Years Ago

Flashback mode 
.Went to the same school. 
.Beloved TIKL.
[Technical Institute of Kuala Lumpur a.k.a SM Teknik Cheras]

 .Almost invisible (I think so), sort of like the quiet person.
.(??? which is not true in certain environment).
.Being a netballer, training every evening.
.turns me into sleeping beauty lady in the class.
.I'll spend most of the gap time between subjects to sleep.
.No time to socialize...hahahaha.

.A known person in the class.
.Easy to mingle around with people.
.Sort of like mischievous.

.Hardly talk to each other.
.I can count how many times we actually spoke to each other.
.We're a complete stranger in our own world.
.After SPM, he went to matrix, I went to UiTM for diploma.
.Lost contact.

A few years later
.It's the Friendster fever.
.Met him back at Friendster.
.Exchange handphone number.
.Start texting.
.No lovey dovey feeling yet cuz I was with someone.
.Quarrel most of the time.
.I am the person who is not good at having male friend.
.Always being harsh.
.I somehow reckoned him as my male best friend.
.The one that I am able to throw my feelings.
.Share my sad silly puppy love story.
[I did make a script about him as my best friend for my Mandarin oral test.. =P]

.I broke-off.
.He asked me out.
[he have asked a few times before but I seldom give reasons]
.The first time I say YES.
.No, it's not a date.
.It was a day after I decided to put an end to my silly puppy love series.
.Went to see the Gorilla movie at KLCC.
.Ate Burger King.
.Spelled the gloomy words to him without tears falling off my cheek.
.A shoulder to cry for but I am not crying in-front of him.

.It is still a long journey of ups and down in our FRIENDship.
.At times.

.Somewhere in 2007.
.We've been quite close.

Today, 4 years ago

.Ada bunga-bunga cinta mekar di taman hati.
.(aduhh..ayat jiwang gedik..).

.Received a puzzle message.
.I would normally ignore the puzzle.
.That time, I was somehow excited to solve it.
.Texted him the answer.
.He replied.

.startled for some moment.
That is how everything started
No lovey dovey words of proposal
Straight forward
I know for sure that 

.He is my dear husband.
.Abi to our beloved little prince charming and more to come.


  1. ehe ehem..hukhukhukh ohokohk..! *cough*

    seriously, mmg tak sangka korang akan end up together. :) i'm happy for both of u

  2. alololooo...comelnyee.... asal aku rase mcm semue kisah2 di atas aku tau perjalanannye kecuali kisah teka teki itu...comel!

  3. mawar: hikhik..unexpected kan..jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah.. Thanx =P

    Nas: Ye, anda mmg tau plot ceritenye dgn lebih detail mungkin..hahaha..anda adalah watak sampingan dlm cerite ini..(sampingan ke? rase mcm ade dlm most of the part je)..huhu~ my other shoulder..owh, part puzzle tu aku x penah cite eh? lalala...


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