Friday, November 18, 2011

Full of Hope

I've mentioned before yang aku nekad isi borang..
Borang ape??

Borang Permohonan Pertukaran Tempat Bertugas

Yup !
Aku mintak tukar cawangan. 
It's time for me to hunt for my interest. The opportunity lies in front of me. Allah have shown me the path.

I did mention yang aku sangat penakut. No guts of courage at all.
But at last I manage to counter the fear
Entah dari mana datang kekuatan, aku dengan selamba jumpe PK unutk mintak sign.
Mind that aku directly pergi terjah bilik PK without concern of my KPP

I took months thinking bout this. The opportunity knocks onto my door a few days before I deliver my sweet lil' hero. I submitted the form almost 4 months after that.

Now, spurs of news are everywhere.
Pink form akan berterbangan lagi early december.
Moga-moga ada perutusan gembira untuk aku.

Ada orang tanya, kenapa mintak tukar? Tak suka duduk kat bridge? Bukan bridge tu nampak gah ke?


the bridge would not be standing if there is no foundation
everything deals with ground and soil
that's what I'm fond of
it's not that i did not like bridge
it's not that i'm struggling to death to deal and learn about bridge
i admit, bridge is a tough challenge
but it is fun learning something new
challenging your own ability

but my heart and mind isn't here

you can count how many bridge engineers out there as compared to building
only a few lucky people will have this great opportunity
I am not that lucky person
so, I'm giving this golden opportunity to those who deserve
in the mean time, I'm praying for my own golden opportunity



  1. m0shi2..ili..i noe how dat feels..recently i dpt pink form after serving 3 years at cpum sampai org panggel me reporter cpum & da slese sgt kat c tu..tapi i need a change demi up lg my carrier..yup alhamdulillah..memg dpt masuk cwgn yg i nak..tapi dpt JALAN which bukanla yg i nak ekceli.betullah kata org..nak dpt yg kita nak memg payah..byk pulak i ngah carik jln nak msk case u manage to get into GEOTEK..tell me cpt yaa...i nak join skaliiiii!!!

  2. huhu~ sdg berdebar menanti perutusan pink (in case klu ade)..klu xde, redha, and stay lagi for a couple of years..erk!!! mampu kah??? it would never be easy. i bet you know the chronology since the registration until now. how i tried to get into the dept that i dreamt of since the registration day. tapi Allah have His own way of giving us some lesson to learn. the path that Allah for sure knows BEST for us, that we are TO TREASURE in a HARD WAY.

    I am waiting, and still hoping for there'll be some good news for me, a birthday gift hopefully =P..

    Doakan aku dpt masuk there, then insyaAllah, will try to get you in also..

  3. ili..nak cepat pergi tingkat 4 bahagian dasar jumpa 48 dia. tengok mana kosong terus mintak tukar lah..silap2 esok pon dapat pink form..haha


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