Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2D1N stays at Banjaria Court: 30-31 March 2012

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

It's hubby's birthday...and I treat him a vacation, 2D1N stays at Banjaria Court...


Huhu...pity hubby...No great surprise for his birthday..It's just a night stay at our newly completed apartment. An empty apartment that has just undergone minor renovation. Of course, with dust all over the place. The treat for his birthday sangat tak best sebab he is doing the cleaning all night long while the wifey sound asleep eventhough without the comfy mattress. What a terrible wife I am. I did have some plan of surprise in my mind, but I didn't happen due to some reasons..

A peek on the apartment
It was only minor renovation (table top and grill) as we intend to rent the apartment rather than staying there..The tiling in the bathroom is the original one. Sayangnya nak sewakan rumah baru kat orang kan..That's the reason why we stayed there for 1 night. Sort of macam rasmikan dulu rumah tu..Hahah..Poyo..

The view..
Looking straight ahead, there's a white-brown apartment. Behind it is actually my in law's house.
Turn to the right a bit - KLCC view. Though we didn't buy the unit which have KLCC view (which is more expensive than our unit), we still get to view KLCC from here =P
Looking down, the view of JASA KITA, just next to the Banjaria Court. Wasn't a nice view huh??

Take a walk out of my unit, there's a huge space right in front of my unit instead of facing another apartment unit. It's the lift corridor. This is the view from the lift corridor

We bought this lights from Top Ten and Houses Lightings Enterprise at Puchong. Rambang mata kot nak pilih lampu yang gila punya banyak with such a cheap price. Tapi since the house is meant for rental, tak yah nak cantik-cantik sangat kot. Pilih lampu yang ala kadar je. Yang penting, the function is to light up the house.
Comparing those two shops, Houses Lighting offering a few cents cheaper that Top Ten. But really, the prices there is really cheap enough as compared to shops in Ampang or Gombak.

Faheem in action
Tak duduk diam si kecil yang ligat ni. 

Bila dah kepenatan...Albeit the sleepiness, sempat lagi mengunyah makanan. Lepas tu, sound asleep..


Well, it's Abi's birthday, tapi Faheem yang dapat pressie from Abi..Enjoy your ride, Faheem darling..


  1. Ili beli umah tu eh? ktorg dulu nak beli kat situ gak tp last minit cancel sbb pk jauh plak nak g keje plus jalan jem huhuhu

  2. Aah jue...bli sblm kawen lg...bli pun sbb nk wat investment..klu nk duduk, susah jgk nk travel gi keje...

  3. Comel la lampu2 tu. Beli lampu tu kat kedai mana? leh shu survey2 untuk shu punye future home. Cer citer?

  4. sis umah ni dh sewakn ke... sewa berapa ye ira 0166669704


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