Monday, April 9, 2012


 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

People becoming ignorant..
Lack of concern..
Less humanity..
They don't bother about others..
They don't care..
Their world just revolve around them..
Other people seems like casper to them..

I sound emotional..

I got an e-mail from my dear sis.
She is now 7m2w pregnant. She's travelling by commuter to work.
Rawang - Dayabumi, Dayabumi - Rawang. 
Imagine the distance...
Going to work is OK. But, getting home is somehow excruciating for such a pregnant lady.
All through the way,  no one would offer their seat.
Hello...where is your humanity. To make things worst, those who were sitting in front of her, is playing games and listening to music with such an innocent look on their face.
Ya Allah..What had happened to this so-called civilized community??

I am being emotional because I've been in her shoe.
Back then when I was at Mid Valley, I did cry because of commuter.
Even with your cute bulky tummy, people don't seems to realize you.
Maybe they think that was just some fatty that you carry all the way.
Hah..They'll just push you as they like until they get into the coach. Resting onto your ever bulging tummy as though it's a comfy pillow. ANd sometimes elbowed your stretched tummy..That's hurt man..
The little one inside can feel it too..
Ladies coach make no difference. They are even monsterer than regular coach. It's scary man. looking at how women can be damn agressive to get into the coach.

At one time, I had to let 3 trains full of monster go just like that as I cannot squeeze in. Senak perut akak ni..Then, I sat on the bench.
I cried over a commuter that is not friendly to me. I texted hubby, asked him to picked me up as I wouldn't dare to let myself and my cute tummy being squeezed by those  monster.
Eventually, hubby had some urgent work to be completed. I waited for him until half past nine. Have a walk in the mall. Rest a while in the surau. Window shopping. Huhu~

Hmm..back to my main point...
See, there are signboards in the train regarding giving priority to those in need.

Then...are you blind? Or are you illiterate?
Or are you simply being ignorant...

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