Thursday, June 21, 2012

2nd Pregnancy | First Trimester

  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

The differences between my first and second pregnancy within this first trimester.

[ 1st pregnancy  ]   |   [  2nd pregnancy  ]

Pre-pregnancy weight
56kg   |   49kg

Weight at 12 weeks pregnancy
51kg   |   47kg

There is still some drop in weight but not as critical as 1st pregnancy. But I was hoping that my weight will not drop some more because I’ll end up looking like a walking skeleton. Huhu~

In terms of morning sickness, vomiting and nausea…Less vomiting this time around, to a point I feel like am I really pregnant or what? Within these 12 weeks, I vomited around 5-7 times only. Alhamdulillah for that.  Less MC taken. Hehe..

But still, on the evening, I will somewhat goes flat. Angin satu badan. Hampir pitam a few times. Masa aku still pump susu untuk Faheem, badan memang rasa sangat letih. Despite of taking supplement, still lagi rasa letih. Now that I have stop pumping, kurang sikit tapi angin memang tak hilang. Kalau hari aku ganti puasa, it become even worse. Tapi aku cuba untuk tekad habiskan ganti puasa. Trying to avoid bayar fidyah. Selagi mampu, aku akan cuba habiskan ganti puasa [oh my! dah masuk Syaaban ni...Hopefully sempat habiskan ganti puasa..huhu]

Nursing With Pregnancy

I wish I am one of the fortunate mommies who are able to nurse their elder child during subsequent pregnany. However, I am not. I only manage to nurse my elder son until around 11 weeks + of pregnancy and he is 11 months 2 weeks old.


Running out of milk supply, fatigue.
Recently, after I direct feed him, my nipple becomes very itchy and feels like burning. The first time it happen, I thought it was nothing. Maybe it just happen on one side only. But then, when I nurse him on the other side, it was just the same. Till a point I shed my tears as I couldn't handle the pain. The moment he suckle, I didn't feel anything. No sore, no itchy. It was right after he suckled.
So, hubby told me that it's ok to wean him off.

Yesterday, Faheem was struggling to sleep. He just had a bottle of FM about an hour earlier. Usually when he acts like that, I will bf him to put him to sleep. Just to ease him down. But I could not do so yesterday. He comes near me and somehow put his mouth near the breast and try to suckle my shirt. Oh my! Pity him. 

I need to be strong.

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  1. ala ciannye faheem...huhu. but u have a strong reason dear.


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