Monday, November 12, 2012

Flying During Pregnancy

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I've been flying for a couple of times during 1st and 2nd pregnancy, mostly due to work matters. The main concern about flying during pregnancy is during early stage and last term of pregnancy. Masa early pregnancy, kandungan masih fragile dan risk untuk miscarriage adalah tinggi. While for last term of pregnancy, due to the change of pressure, takut bersalin atas flight pulak nanti. If you don't have any miscarriage history or any serious complication during your pregnancy, it wouldn't be a big problem.

Masa mengandungkan Faheem, I had to fly to Labuan. It was about 11 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Still in early stage. I was a bit concern as I just had spotting and bleeding a few days before plus a miscarriage history. But I had to fly. So, I seek for doctor's advice. The doctor was also a bit concern as the journey will take about 2 hours. She gave me a medicine, ubat untuk kuatkan rahim, hoping for everythnign to be fine. Selebihnya, berdoa dan bertawakkal kepada Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah, I survived throughout the journey without any complication.

Masa kandungan kedua ni, I've been involved with a project in JB/Singapore. So, expecting a frequent travel from KL to JB for site visits and meetings. At early stage of pregnancy, my boss restricted me from going to site because there's one day I nearly fainted in the LRT. So, he was a bit worried that I might faint during the site visit or field observation. I missed a few things regarding works, but in the same time, I know that I have to take extra care about my health and my little baby inside. Only when I feel good enough and ready to travel, baru my boss allow me turun padang. Masa tu baru 4-5 months pregnant, without any complication so far, and perut pun tak berapa nak nampak sangat. So, no procedure to follow. Just doa dan tawakkal supaya Allah memelihara dan melindungi kandungan sepanjang work trip.

Then, Jogja Trip. Masa ni dah 27 weeks pregnant dan perut pun dah agak obvious. A few days before the trip, I had my antenatal check-up. So, mention kat doktor that I'll be flying and need her advice. Doc periksa kandungan and said everything is normal. Nothing to worry. Then she prepared a letter. To whom it may concern.

Comes the travelling day. Surat kebenaran doktor dah macam the next important document after passport. At LCCT, masa check-in, pass through immigration, customs, nothing much said. Cuma the lady officer tanya dah berapa bulan and ask whether I bring along doctor's guarantee letter or not. Bila nak boarding, parents with infant kan dapat privillage. So, aku pun cepat-cepat potong queue. Sampai kat depan, staff Air Asia tanya dah sign borang untuk ibu hamil? Air Asia/Air Asia X Limited Liability Statement. Nope!! Mana nak dapat borang? He handed me the form and kena fill in kat situ. Filled in, signed. The main content of the form is, agree to fly at your own risk. Alhamdulillah, had a safe journey.

This is Air Asia's Terms and Condition for pregnant passenger. Aku print-screened je ni. To have a clearer view boleh pergi kat link ni, para 7.4.

Masa nak balik KL pulak, at Adisucipto International Airport Yogyakarta, again masa nak boarding baru dia bagi form yang sama. That's one thing. Another thing is that, the staff tanya dah periksa kandungan? I told him that I have doctor's guarantee letter. Bila dia tengok surat tu, the staff cakap surat tu hanya boleh digunakan untuk sekali penerbangan. Means masa aku fly from KL to Jogja la. Bila nak balik KL, I have to be examined once more. So, the staff headed me to an examination room. Ada seorang lady officer kat situ. Dia tanya pasal kandungan and mintak surat kebenaran doktor. Then she checked for blood pressure and later ask me to lay down on a bed. Dia tekan-tekan perut telling me the baby's position, measuring my womb and siap bagi advice. Masa dia check tu, kepala baby kat atas. Dia pesan supaya perbanyakkan sujud supaya baby will turn head down. Then she filled in a form, mengesahkan bahawa penumpang ini layak serta sihat untuk mengikuti penerbangan. Aku ada simpan lagi borang tu kalau tak silap. To update once I found that form.
I have to pay Rp 30,000 for that. :$

This is what I experienced travelling with AirAsia. Kalau MAS aku tak pasti.
The most important thing is that we know our condition. If you feel healthy and fit to travel, just book your ticket and enjoy a holiday. Sebab we know ourself better. If you have reached 27 weeks of pregnancy, make sure you consulted a doctor and bring along doctor's guarantee letter upon travelling. When you reach 34 weeks of pregnancy, I bet doctor pun would not allow you to travel long distance, be it by flight or by car. 


  1. dulu asna naik flight pregnt 4 months xbgtau pun yg asna pregnt cz pki baju besar sikit then perut asna mmg xnmpk sgt. selamat disitu xyah nk isi borang ke apa. masa tue mmg confident jer hehe.

    1. naik flight during 4months pregnancy hr tu pun ok je. Mmg xde suh isi borang ke apa..sbb perut pun x nmpk sgt...yg baru2 ni dah xleh sorok perut...hehe..


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