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Kamat's Reunion by Talib's Crew | 17 Nov 2012

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Kamat Reunion/Gathering is actually an annual event. It is a family gathering.
"Kamat" is the name of my late great grandfather (moyang) belah mak.
Host bagi Kamat's Reunion/Gathering dibuat secara giliran among 8 big families of Kamat's decendants.
This year, the 4th annual gathering of Kamat's family is being hosted by Talib's Crew at Jalil's Crib, Sungai Kantan, Kajang.
"Talib" is the name of my late grandfather (Paktok).
And we are the Green family, as each family have their own colour theme.

So, enjoy the pictures.

The banner

My sisters, my cousins, my nieces and my lovely son.

Game 1: Guess What..

Game 2: Pancing Botol

Game 3: Bowling Kelapa

My mom showing off her bowling skills. =P

Game for kids: Collect the sweets

The crowd

The scoreboard girl??

My sis and her kids with my younger brother

Faheem with Auntyy Ema

Faheem with Tok Ayah

Our small green family

My youngest sister with my mom.

My beloved heroes

My eldest cousin, Kak Nita with her kids.

Again, our small green family

Me, camwhoring.. =P

Faheem with Ummi and Makngah

Faheem with his cousin and 2nd cousins.

The super active boy who runs here and there, forcing Ummi to chase after him.
Tengok rambut tu, basah lencun berpeluh tu.

Aunties (my mom's cousins) with the one only 1st line generation, Nek Banun sitting in the front line right in the middle.

The Purple Family

The Red Family

All mixed up

The Orange Family

The Blue Family

The Black Family

The Host -- Green Talib's Crew

Talib's Crew in freestyle

Close up of Faheem's freestyle. Tayang kasut u..Aduhh anakku..

The EllaDin's family. Without Along.

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