Monday, February 16, 2015

New Office (^_^)

Bersiaran dari office baru..
At last, I am transferred to a new Cawangan.
Setelah agak tepu di unit lama.
Let bygones be bygones.
Truth that I do learn something there, though it wasn't as what I expected when I first joined the team.
But it is all destiny.
There must be some good reason on why Allah plan and execute those moments for me.
I had some stressful and also relaxing time.
I got some rest from headache while all my friends were busy with projects and so many other things.
I got some free time to jot something inside my blog..Hihi..

I'm in a new office now.
New working environment.
New friends.
New bosses.
New scope of works.
May Allah make ease everything for me.
Or if things doesn't go so easy, May Allah make me a strong person with high endurance so that I can withstand whatever challenges and obstacles.
Allah knows best.
This might be the best for me at this moment. InsyaAllah.

Obviously, I have alot to learn here.
And I had already joined a meeting session with contractor on my very first day of report duty..
Banyaknya terms yang aku tak faham wehhh...
A lot of readings to be done nampaknya..

Whatever it is, enjoy your work!
Niatkan untuk mendapat redha Allah.
Semoga sentiasa dirahmati & diberkati Allah.


  1. Ily kena tukar dept mana..memang ade reorg besar kan..husband kita pun dah tak dok KKR now kat CPPT.tukar kat new building tu ke..lei la lunch date!

    1. Kite balik HQ. Hihi..Tapi dok Blok F, tak dok kat menara ramping tu..hahaha.. Husband Rinie gi Maju Junction lah ye..

    2. haah..tapi kena dok site kat ppukm.. susah nk menyelinap tgh hari husband dah jauh..owh kat blok F lei jumpa kat pasar tani nnti..hehe..


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