Tuesday, September 20, 2016

FMHK : Kind of A Productive Weekend..

Quite a long weekend. 
It's weekend at home and need to be filled with something.
So I fill my stomach..haha..and the rest of the family too..

So it was quite a productive weekend.
I'm in a hyper mood of dancing freely in my kitchen. Oh, you won't really see me dancing or swaying or what-so-ever sort of dancing..hihi..

Friday..It's a pizza frenzy day.
I baked crabby tuna pizza and creamy chicken and mushroom pizza. 2 for our humble stomach. Another 2 to be sent to Ampang.

Saturday, we plan to go hiking with the kids early in the morning so that it wouldn't be too hot. But unfortunately, Fathan is on fever. So no hiking. We went out instead. Itupun selepas Fathan dah segar, it's a bit late in the evening though. A mission to find a suitable shoe for hiking..Heheh..
Later that night, I feel like baking. So, I bake some brownies. My first trial. 
Harum semerbak dapurku dengan bauan brownies.
Result was so-so. huhu..Tapi laju jugak the boys makan. They call it chocolate, instead of cake or brownies. huhu..

Sunday morning, I cooked Spicy Salmon Fried Rice with Fried Crabby. No picture taken. 
Then I bake creamy chicken and mushroom puff. I use frozen paratha for the puff. Yummeh..Faheem alone, ate 3 of them. Phewww!

After Zuhur, zawji ajak recce Gunung Nuang, since next week ada program XPDC 2.0..Mendaki Gunung Nuang.

{Poster by Sue}

Seronok anak-anak acah-acah naik gunung. Masuk sikit je. Kalau nak masuk dalam kena bayar Rm1.00.

My heroes. The love of my life.

My hulubalang ^_^

Balik dari Langat, we witnessed an accident. Right in front of our car. Motor langgar kereta. Kereta kemek sikit je. Penunggang motor cedera, kaki berdarah. Tapi masih boleh bangun dan berjalan ke bahu jalan. Kami tak tunggu lama pun since ramai orang dah berhenti dan Fathan pun tengah merengek.
Faheem tergamam seketika. Lama dia tercengang tak bersuara. Bila tanya kenapa, dia kata terkejut. Lepas tu dia tak bagi dah ummi cerita pasal accident.."Faheem taknak dengar dah ummi cakap pasal orang kaki berdarah tu. Ummi jangan cerita lagi tau..."..
Dia terkejut dan takut..But Faqeeh keep on questioning this and that about the accident. Ahaha..Kontra betul.

Later that night, zawji request masak daging qurban. Buat goreng kunyit je, extra bawang dan cili padi to spice it up a bit. Sedaplah pulak makan simple macam tu je..

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