Wednesday, July 14, 2010

packed & unpack

I was supposed to attend and induction course "KURSUS INDUKSI MODUL UMUM & KHUSUS" on 15th July 2010 until 30th July 2010 at Sungai Udang, Melaka. I have finished packing all the things needed for the two weeks course. However,  I could not attend the course since I had to admit into ward on 18th July 2010. I've already put the bag downstairs. Yesterday, hubby had to bring the bag upstairs since it seems like a mess down there ..Huhu..I haven't unpack all the stuff yet. I've been thinking of leaving the things packed until the next call for induction course. Then hubby said that I don't have to unpack the bag. I should bring the bag to ward on Sunday...Haishhh...A two weeks things stuffed into a bag to be brought for a 1 day stay at hospital...Simply a bluff..

Hubby had applied for leave to send me to Melaka on Thursday. I ask him to change the date of leave, instead of 15th July 2010 to 19th July 2010 since I will undergo the D&C procedure on that day. Pity hubby. I had been giving him hard times. Sorry my dear...

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