Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lately, keep on having headache..
Huhu...It's great if it is true..But unfortunately, NOPE for the moment
The NOPE does not mean I don't want to, but it is due to the current condition..
InsyaAllah, coming soon..

Why am I having frequent headache?
Might be due to burden of work plus the resume of part-time classes.
Or might be due to the strategic location of my desk at work where the sunshine shines directly to my PC on the evening. Silau sangat la...
Or it might also be due to poor eye-sight. Owhh..I wish I didn't have to wear spectacle.
Or was it because of High Blood Pressure...Something in which I would definitely say NO because my BP is normally quite low..

I guess, I have poor eyesight.
>> Me and hubby, in our car, stopped at a junction. There's a few banner at the end of the junction. Hubby read out loud one of it. But I couldn't identify which banner was it. The words seems like a thick line. But hubby could read it all.
>> I was in offshore class. I sat in the second row from front but at the very left of the class. But it wasn't a big class. The lecturer was jotting something on the white board. But I couldn't read it. It seems like a faded, shadowy writing.
>> A friend of mine trying to test my eyesight. In a distance of about 4m from the point that I were standing, there is a name plate. I know what was written on the plate. She asked me to look at it and tell her what did I see. Ok, to be frank, eventhough I know what was written on it, I couldn't really see the words clearly. It is to me, a thick bold black line on a gold plate.

And those other reason that I have stated above do contribute to my headache..Huhu...

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