Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcoming the lil' sweet♥~

19 September 2010

My cuzzy's wife have successfully and safely delivered a sweet gorgeous lil' sweetheart. [ cuzzy = Abg Enol, wifey = Kak Tina ]. Quoting what Busu Jen have said : "Baby cari pintu tak jumpe. Kene keluar ikut tingkap". Get what she means?? Hehe..It means she undergo operation instead of normal birth.

Here is the proud daddy with the sweetie pie..

Alala...shumeeeelnye si tecit ni...Anty nak cubit pipi cikit boleh...geyam..wuwu~

This sweetheart is named Elsa Zahra.

I haven't got chance to visit them yet. Can't wait to picit2 Elsa's nose and cheek. Hehe..Btw, the picture is grabbed from Busu's fb. I'll post my version of picture whenever I visit and kiss-kiss the baby.


Eh..forgot to post the most important pix...


My mom a.k.a Mak Tok Ella showing off her vibrant red handmade blanket specially made for the lil' princess.

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