Thursday, August 2, 2012

Iftar at Sime Darby Convention Center ¦ 2nd August 2012

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

The iftar session was organized by one of supplier for hubby's company. They invited their client/customer for the Iftar and Customer Appreciation Event.
Usually, only staff are allowed to go. Last couple of years, whenever hubby had these events, he will go alone, of course with his colleagues.
This time around, when the host ask for a list of names from the company, hubby asked his boss to bring me along. His boss said, ok, but don't let anybody knows. Haha..
But had to leave Faheem at Maktok's. Did pesan kat Mama to tell Faheem "Jangan merajuk. Ummi and Abi balik lambat sikit.."..

So, I sat with hubby's boss and colleague, Ken and Kim. Yup, they are both chinese. But they are nice and fun. I keep on laughing throughout the night.
The four of us eat like there's 8 people. hehe~

Owh, earlier I told hubby that I had to control my diet since I will be having BSP next week. But those foods are tempting and irresistible. Hehe~

Kantoi one day. But still trying to not consume much of those sweet foods yang yummy. Erkkk..
We got back home with a  full stomach.

The souvenir. Got dodol inside.
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  1. tahun ni langsung tak dapat nak beriftar ngan anak kecit..:)

  2. Last year puase faheem baru 2mo+.. mmg x keluar iftar pun...x berani nk bwk jln mlm2..takut angin..

    Ms pegi yg ni, trpkse tgl faheem sbb bkn co hubby yg host. Huhu..kesian faheem. Mujur x merajuk..


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