Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Questions ????

You have questions
A lot of it
Banging in your head
But you don't dare to ask
You don't dare to spell the words out
You keep your mouth shut
You mumble the words just to your own self
You let the words rage
Inside your mind and brain
You make your brain restless
Thinking of the never ending thoughts

You wanted to find the answers
You wanted to seek for truth
But there are so many things
That you are afraid of
Afraid if answers doesn't satisfy you
Afraid if truth hurts
Afraid if everything just make you questioning some more
Afraid that you'll stay in doubt forever

You know there's no stupid question..
You once heard that stupid question is a question that never been asked
You rather let those question remain stupid
Cause you hate to feel stupid once the questions were thrown out
But the stupidity stays with you forever
As you try to find answers from questions that never been asked

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