Monday, December 1, 2014

Counting Those Monster's Eyes...

Inspired from the Kids Activities Blog, so I decided to make our own monsters.
But we learn the basic counting, no addition or subtraction yet..And since we don't have that eyelets, kita lukis sahaja ye anak-anak.

Quickly find some coloured papers, scissor and magic pens.

Cut the papers into monster shapes. This part, the boys are still not allowed to do by themselves. Let ummi do the cutting. Since it's a monster kan, ummi hentam lah gunting ikut suka hati. Faheem tanya macam-macam tengok monster ummi. Mana tangan monster? Monster pakai skirt ke? Kenapa kaki monster macam ni? Monster terbang ke? Monster rambut pacak ke? Hahahaha..

Then we draw the eyes together. 10 fancy colourful monsters with eyes ranging from 1 to 10. 

Done with the eyes, we need to label the numbers of eyes each monster got. So, I asked Faheem to pick the monster randomly, count it's eyes than we write the numbers on the other side of monster.

Yay..Completed. Alhamdulillah..

Faheem with his most favorite monster. It's the monster with angry bird's eyes..hihihi.

Where is Faqeeh?
He is contented with other things and have no interest in the monsters..Hahaha.

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