Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kitchen Ideas #1

Cuci mata, cari ilham..
Since our new humble kitchen pun just as humble as the initial kitchen, extra a few feets je as compared to the initial kitchen.
With such a limited space, a lot of consideration have to be taken into account.
Angan-angan nak buat island, tapi knowing that we don't have enough space, it will remain as angan-angan. But who knows if later on ade rezeki terpijak kan, angan-angan can be a reality. hahaha..
Dreaming have no limits, of course. And no cost to it. Kihkih..

Kat sini, mostly aku tengok the arrangement of the kitchen, susun letak hob, sink etc, colour theme dan backsplash idea.








Still in dreaming mode..

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