Monday, January 23, 2017

Thanks for The Memories by Cecelia Ahern

After my first attempt to start reading novels again, I force myself to read this novel by Cecelia Ahern. Thanks for The Memories.

I've read few Cecelia's books before. Starting with Where Rainbows End, P.S. I Love You and If You Could See Me Now. Those were read years ago when I'm still a degree student. Thanks to one of my BFF who introduce Cecelia's book to me.

Those who have been reading Where Rainbows End and P.S. I Love You surely will fall in love with Cecelia's writing. I couldn't really remember the plot of If You Could See Me Now, but I believe it is an interesting piece too. Will try to dig where on earth did I place this book and perhaps re-read it.. huhu..

I bought this book a couple a years ago. I've tried to read it twice if i'm not mistaken, but I get stuck at the 5th or 6th chapter. I couldn't really understand the plot in the beginning. But then I force myself to break the barrier, and continue reading the book.

And much to my expectation, it is worth an effort. Cecelia does keep me guessing what actually binds each chapters and each characters in this story. It is simply unbelievable. 

New York Times bestselling author Cecelia Ahern's charming new novel explores what happens when "what if" becomes a reality for two strangers whose lives are at a crossroads.
How can you know someone you've never met? That's the question haunting Joyce Conway these days. Recovering from a terrible accident and with her marriage in pieces, Joyce is suddenly plagued by an overwhelming sense of déjà vu that makes her feel as if the life she's living is not her own. During the day she has vivid memories of things she's never seen—such as cobblestoned Parisian streets she's never visited—and at night she dreams of a little girl she's sure she's never met. Joyce is convinced she's lost her mind . . . until a series of coincidences leads her on a journey to meet the one person who may hold the answer she needs.
Someone's life could be depending on you right now. . . . That's the pitch that finally persuades Justin Hitchcock to donate blood—the first thing to come straight from his heart in a long time.
Restless and lonely, Justin chased his ex-wife and daughter from Chicago to London, and now he's in Dublin, guest-lecturing to bored college students. When he receives a basket of muffins with a thank-you note attached, he's sure someone's playing a joke on him, but then the presents keep coming. Intrigued, Justin is determined to solve the mystery—a quest that will change his life forever.
Thanks for the Memories is a heartwarming story of hope, love, and second chances—Cecelia Ahern's most magical novel yet.

Next reading will be Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


  1. yuhuuuu...x payah dig2 dalam2 sgt...kang tembus ke lain...rasanya buku tu ade kt x ingat yg mn satu...rasa ade 2 buku....kalau pinjam kt library dah beratus kot kena bayor...huhuhuu....

    1. Rasa macam ada ternam[ak kat rumah mama...huhu..Takpe2.. Cukup seribu nanti orang hantar invois..hahaha..


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